3 of 3 — official release!

3 of 3 has now been released on bandcamp. Pricing has been set at $1 for the entire album; you can give more than that if you would like, but if you cannot afford to pay anything at all, I can certainly understand that. If you want the album, but cannot afford to buy it, […]

Psykandu (2011)

As promised in this recent video, I uploaded the Winter Chip VI “Contest Version” of Psykandu, my entry for WCVI this year. The official WCVI page can be found HERE and my official entry page can be found HERE. The music video is below: The challenge to myself was to write a MIDI that had […]

Golden Adventure Demo Released!

So at long last the gameplay demo for Golden Adventure has been released! Some of you may have noticed that I posted a few music videos related to the game on my youtube channel. Some of the music in the demo won’t make it into the final cut; however, I’m satisfied with what has made […]

Dancing Lights!

Dancing Lights, a game for which I was both composer and sound effects designer, was released yesterday on iTunes. The game itself is only $.99 and the game can be purchased on iTunes by clicking THIS LINK. Today, I released a music video for one of the tracks from Dancing Lights, entitled “Crumv”: As time […]