Dancing Lights!

Dancing Lights, a game for which I was both composer and sound effects designer, was released yesterday on iTunes. The game itself is only $.99 and the game can be purchased on iTunes by clicking THIS LINK.

Today, I released a music video for one of the tracks from Dancing Lights, entitled “Crumv”:

As time goes on I will be releasing more of the tracks on YouTube for your listening pleasure.

For an insider scoop of sorts, I’ll tell you that the computer from which the Dancing Lights OST was recorded is apparently dying and for that matter does not appreciate the soundfont stacking I used to employ more realistic, authentic sounding instruments (e.g., grand piano, vibraphone, kalimba). That being said, any subsequent recordings of Dancing Lights music will not sound exactly like they do in-game, but rather how I have arranged them for another synthesizer. I hope the difference in sound quality won’t throw people for too far of a loop!

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