Golden Adventure Demo Released!

So at long last the gameplay demo for Golden Adventure has been released! Some of you may have noticed that I posted a few music videos related to the game on my youtube channel. Some of the music in the demo won’t make it into the final cut; however, I’m satisfied with what has made it into the demo.

There will apparently be another musician joining the sound team for the remaining Chapters of the game. We’re supposed to be having some sort of team meeting soon that more clearly defines his role in the project. After that meeting, among other things, I should be able to say with more certainty how I plan to handle the “original soundtrack” issue (i.e., if I am no longer the official composer for the project, how do I in good conscience release an official soundtrack, etc.). Some of my musician friends expressed this concern to me this week- it will be addressed!

In any event, check the game out by scrolling down to the bottom of the following link!:


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