Psykandu (2011)

As promised in this recent video, I uploaded the Winter Chip VI “Contest Version” of Psykandu, my entry for WCVI this year. The official WCVI page can be found HERE and my official entry page can be found HERE. The music video is below:

The challenge to myself was to write a MIDI that had a bunch of psytrance elements (and it should be noted that MIDI is not typically electronica/techno friendly, especially General MIDI). I didn’t have much notice, about 3 days or so, so I had to run hard with it. I’m not totally satisfied with the results and hope to put out a “complete” or at least slightly revised/polished version by the end of the year (this is me trying to set more realistic goals for myself…!). It didn’t do so well in the scheme of the contest (108/183)- there were a LOT of entries this year.

Let me know what you think.

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