About the blog

This blog’s content has served a number of purposes, depending on where I’m at in life’s journey. I’ve even gone months (years) without posting anything at all!

The tagline “waking the gods: one by one” was added as a reminder that we live in a world that is made up of individuals who have the ability to bless and to curse, to break and to mend — whether we embrace it or not.

One by one, our eyes are opened: we are complicit in the worsening and perpetuation of the nightmare in which we live. One by one, the chains we use to bind each other (and ourselves) are broken. One by one, we reach out to others to share and celebrate that seemingly impossible freedom.

I hope that by visiting this small corner of the internet that you’ll be challenged and encouraged by whatever is posted here. This life is short; thank you for sharing it with me.